Unclaimed Money

To understand How the Government gets your money and how you can get it back doesn't require a lot of time and work, because this report details everything for you. While most people start out being skeptical, they very soon learn that this Free Information is for Real. We'll start out with some basic information and then we'll report in depth on the Major Sources of Unclaimed Funds, that most people don't even know exists.

Federal and State Government Agencies are holding Billions of Dollars in Unclaimed Funds that has been turned over by Banks and Credit Unions, Stockbrokers, Courts, Insurance Companies, Businesses and Public Companies, etc. When an owner or heirs do not communicate with the asset holder during a period of time, the assets can be declared to be abandoned and the assets must be transferred to the custody of a government trust account. The period of time is generally one to three years and this is referred to as the "dormancy" period. The transfer process is known as "escheat."

Common forms of unclaimed property include savings and checking accounts, stocks, un-cashed dividends and payroll checks, refunds, traveler's checks, trust distributions, unredeemed money orders and gift certificates (in some states), insurance payments and refunds and life insurance policies, annuities, certificates of deposit, customer overpayments, utility security deposits, mineral royalty payments and contents of safe deposit boxes. There is a lengthy list of sources on the left side of this page and on the next page.

Government Custodians and Courts are holding Billions of Dollars that belongs to Owners or their Heirs. Many heirs don't realize they are entitled to receive money, simply because the descendant didn't keep or leave financial records. It's not only poor record keeping, because documents can be lost in fires, floods and other disasters. People change their names after a marriage or divorce. Many do not notify holders of their new address after a change in their residence; sometimes they don't report after a postal forwarding order expires. Account personnel may make computer or clerical errors; a number error on a street address can result in a decision to start abandonment if mail is returned as undeliverable. While Governments make a "good faith" effort to track down owners and heirs, it's a huge problem which is evidenced by the number of unclaimed accounts and the Billions of Dollars that are awaiting claimants. The Securities and Exchange Commission states there is 10 Billion Dollars in unclaimed Investment Stocks, which 3 Million owners are entitled to. Life Insurance Companies state that 25% of all insurance policies go unclaimed upon the death of policy holders, because inheritors aren't aware that a policy exists.

Now that you See "How and Why" Government gets your money, let's show you "Where" they get Your Money from and How You can get it Back.

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