Unclaimed Money - Continued

While we have extensively reported on the major sources of Unclaimed Assets, the search may also reveal missing assets which sit in Government Trust Accounts that were received from the following sources as well. -

Checks - Refunds, Rebates, Cashier Checks, Travelers Checks - failure to cash them doesn't terminate your rights to collect; even if they're lost, you can have them reissued.

Accounts - Credit Balances on Accounts, Trust Accounts, Employee Savings Accounts, Child Accounts, Layover/Christmas Club Accounts - Excess Interest and Excess Loan Payments held in accounts are a huge source of unclaimed money.

Cards - Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards - Every year these cards have unused balances amounting to Billions of Dollars. Even if they state "Good Until" or "Use by", the law is on your side because most never expire.

Employee Wages/Benefits - Unused Vacation, Sick, Severance and Unpaid Wages, including Profit Sharing, Bonuses, Commissions and Expense Account Reimbursements, Military Pay and Benefits, Workers Compensation, Union Benefits and Death Benefits are Big Time Sources of Unpaid Monies.

Insurance - Group Life, Union Paid Insurance, Accident & Health Payments, Insurance Overpayments, Life Insurance on Loans & Credit Cards, Account Balances due to Cancellations - There's Billions of Unclaimed Insurance Payments & Benefits that remain in Government Trust Accounts.

Investment Securities - Stock Certificates, Interest & Dividends, Stock Split Shares, Unredeemed Bearer and Registered Bonds, Un-exchanged Merger Shares, Shares from Dividend Conversions; these Securities are one of the largest unclaimed sources.

Home Related Deposits - Rental Deposits, Utilities such as unclaimed Phone Deposits, Electric, Sewer, Water, Gas, Cable and other service providers.

Medical - Hospitals, Retirement Homes. They have accounts and upon death, they sell personal property assets.

Cash Deposits - Pawn Shops, Casino Markers and Accounts - even Unclaimed Lottery Winnings alone total about $800 Million.

Court Actions - Refundable Court Fees, Bail Bonds, Police Actions, Bankruptcy Courts all have unrefunded deposits.

Sure, we've missed a few, but most will turn up when you do a Search.

Members of the Net of Bz can search the National Property Database to instantly find if there are funds matching your Business Name, your Personal Name or your Relative's Names and if you are eligible to make a claim. This Free Search Engine covers all the 50 States and some Canadian Provinces. It is the largest database for unclaimed money, property, assets and accounts in the world.

BUSINESSES - Search the State where the business that is holding the asset was incorporated and where their Corporate Head Offices are located, as well as State Branches where your Business is located. Companies are sometimes abbreviated with initials or the name is shortened.

PERSONAL - Search your personal assets by your current name, maiden name, middle name, initials, mother's maiden name and grandparents name, previous married names, nicknames, sisters, brothers, Jr./Sr., Common last name misspellings, even aliases. Use every name that you've used and every State\Province that you lived in.

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